Rachel Sandritter MS, NCC

Rachel Sandritter, M.S., NCC
Rachel is a Pre-licensed Mental Health Counselor working toward becoming a Licensed
Professional Counselor (LPC). Rachel is currently receiving supervision while working with
clients of a variety of age groups ranging from 9-40+. Rachel has experience providing
individual school-based therapy to children between the ages of K-4. While working with
children as a school-based therapist, Rachel had the privilege of meeting and working alongside
parents, family and school staff to gain a more holistic view of the client for best treatment.
Rachel is passionate about and utilizes several therapeutic styles including mindfulness-based,
trauma-informed, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), reality therapy and others depending upon
the needs of the client. Rachel wants to empower her clients by supporting and working
alongside them while they pave the path to living a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.