“When we are lost driving our cars, we use the aid of a GPS to get us where we have to go.  When we are lost in our lives and have no direction we go to Emotional Wellness.  Our lives have changed tremendously as our therapist has the ability to understand complex problems, untwist and discard what really doesn’t matter and resolve within ourselves the true meaning of our own direction.  She truly enjoys her profession and cares deeply about those that reach out for her help.”  (M & S)

“My counselor and I started seeing each other in the midst of hitting as close to bottom as I hope to ever come.  Life was a jumbled mess, I had little control over my addictions, and my ability to cope with life was non-existent.  My therapist offered a safe place to be vulnerable with my secrets, fears, and addictions.  During our time together, my counselor used a multitude of resources.  Some of these being; worksheets, movies, music, poetry, stretching, visualizing, and a lot of talking.  She even helped me talk to my parents and ask them for their support.  Through our sessions I learned coping skills, refusal skills, and how to love myself.  She helped to untangle the web of confusion I caught myself in.  Today, I am a self-confident, addiction free, well-adjusted college student majoring in Social Work!  I hope to someday help young women using similar tools and ideas that she used to help me.  If you are lost, angry, hurt, anxious, addicted, or simply want someone to talk to, call Emotional Wellness.  Although, it is not easy to ask for help, and the process of getting help is sometimes difficult, it is totally worth it.” (K)

“I want to thank you for talking to me this summer.  You helped me to overcome some of my fears of confrontation, taught me about boundaries, and overall I learned more about myself.  You are someone who made an impact on my life and I will always remember you.  Thank you!” (M)

“Our therapist is fantastic, has helped us more than we could have expected possible.” (G & J)

“Completely changed my outlook!  Great job, appreciated her more than words can express.” (C)

“My counselor is great and a good listener to all my issues.  It is nice to have someone to help through my tough times.” (R)